Prisma Prisma

to Adair Creative

A letter from our founder, David Adair.

Believe it or not, when I started Adair Creative in 2007, my long-term vision was always to rebrand at some point in the future.

In those early years, I would joke that Adair Creative was a rather uncreative name for a creative agency. I felt it was a good name for getting started, because “Adair” let people know literally who it was, and “Creative” said what I did. In those first years, I was largely selling my personal design and development services, so it made perfect sense.

We are now a growing agency with a staff of almost 20, and our services are robust in the areas of design/branding, web development, and video production. The key word in that previous sentence is “we”. Our company has become successful because of the skill and efforts of our team. As the quality of our work and team has improved year over year, I’ve grown less comfortable with the company bearing my name. It’s simply so much more than me.

There are a few practical considerations that make a name change difficult. But even though we’re well into our second decade as a company, in many ways, I still feel like we’re just getting started.

So as I look to the next decade, I couldn’t be more excited to move forward under the name Prisma. Prisma denotes the miraculous properties of light and color. Without light and color, we have no means to create.

If you’re wondering what else is changing, the answer is...nothing.

  • We still have the same ownership and location in downtown Bentonville, Arkansas.
  • We’ve not taken on any investment dollars or outside money.
  • We’re not being acquired.
  • We aren’t chasing exponential growth. We’ve always been a small company, and no matter our size, we intend to think and act like a small company.
  • Our core services are still design, web, and video.

Ok, there is one new thing. With the tremendous talent and growth of our video team, we have quietly built a new facility to bring motion picture finishing services to Arkansas. By “finishing”, we’re talking about color grading, sound mixing, and title design for movies and shows. So today, we also announce the launch of our Prisma finishing studio. Our new facility includes the only Dolby Atmos mix room in the state of Arkansas. This is new territory for us, and we’re excited for the opportunities to come in the years ahead.

Whether you’re a friend, family, or client, thank you for your role in bringing us to this point.


David Adair
Partner, Creative Director