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Walmart Express Services

TV Advertising

Walmart is one of the largest companies in the world, and happens to be a few blocks from our Downtown Bentonville studio.


Due to the success of the Walmart Pay  spot we created in 2016, the Walmart marketing team approached us to create four additional videos centered around the capabilities of the Walmart app. For each feature, the narrative would follow a character from home to store seamlessly, showing how the app makes everything easier. 

Working with our friends at Mutiny FX, the spot was produced in only five days. Three shots make up the main sequence: the tabletop and hands were shot in studio, the floor and feet were shot with a gimbal in store, and the pan up to the item was created from three separate plates animated in post. Here's a look at the raw take to see where we started.

In addition to the live action videos, Walmart requested some simple animated loops that show customers how to access the features within the app. Our animator took a basic vector hand illustration and used a variety of inverse kinematics techniques in After Effects to keyframe believable hand movement.