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Web & Mobile

A new digital presence for the global leader in poultry genetics.

As the global leader in poultry genetics, Cobb is making protein available, healthy, and affordable worldwide.


Our friends at Cobb were ready to reimagine their website to better serve their customers, further establishing them as the world leader in poultry genetics. With seven pedigree and pure line facilities throughout the world, Cobb needed a digital presence that reflected their global presence, and the industry leading quality of their products.

We set out to create an experience that honored the generations of innovative research & technology, strong family values, and a commitment to excellence. The site uses a modular grid system to organize product information, management guides, and other resources for the user.


Generations of innovative research & technology, strong family values, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.


We wanted to create a modern aesthetic, without sacrificing the warm personality of a company rich in family values and history. To do this we balanced the classic Cobb red with generous white space, neutral grays, and warm photography. The user experience is focused on making resources and product information accessible for Cobb customers.