Prisma Prisma

Walmart Associate Engagement

Brand Strategy, Identity, Print Design, Campaigns

Helping the world's largest retailer engage, equip, and empower 1.5 million associates.

With over 4,000 stores and 1.5 million associates throughout the US, Walmart has a monumental challenge of communicating with and supporting their in-store associates. We help them find creative and concise ways to reach their workforce.


Our internal branding work has involved designing and developing campaigns to help launch new initiatives.


New initiatives often involve significant changes to daily routines and processes, so it is important that associates know both the what, and especially the why of the changes. Creating a visual identity with the appropriate look, feel and messaging ensures that associates quickly buy in to these new changes.

In addition to campaign related work, there is also the task of clear and accurate implementation of tactical and process changes. How do you communicate a complex process or significant change in a longstanding process in ways that not only provide the right information but create quick and easy follow through? Much of our design work within key Walmart process rollouts has allowed us to create highly visual and graphics-based materials that minimize content to make key training materials both visually appealing and easy to understand.

From training manuals to pocket guides to backroom posters and more, we have partnered with Walmart to create communication materials that educate, support, and empower associates as they man the frontlines of the world’s largest retailer.