Prisma Prisma

Seven Mile Wound

The Rex Hancock Story

Some stories captivate you.

Prisma was approached by Chene to create a documentary film for their first annual festival in Memphis, TN. Director, Zach Kennedy, had just heard the story of Rex Hancock and knew it needed to be told to the next generation of hunters. Our team worked tirelessly to tell this important story of conservation in the duck hunting capital of the world, Arkansas.

Director of Photography, Jake Lurvey, had a strong desire to create something timeless with this piece. The entire documentary was shot on a vintage Nikon 35mm lens to create a cohesive look and put the viewer in the woods with the hunters. You won't find any flashy slow motion mallards or hyper saturated duck feathers that you might expect in a typical hunting edit, as Lurvey leaned into more of a gritty realism that hunting these river bottoms is all about.