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Hawthorne Heights

Logo & Identity, Web & Mobile

An uplifting visual identity for a new active living community.

Welcome to Hawthorne


Hawthorne Heights is more than a place where you sleep and wake up, eat and drink, sit and watch. It's an active lifestyle community that is more than where you just keep your things or where you settle down. Hawthorne is a place where you live. Really live. It’s a place where you can stay actively engaged, excited and adventurous. Located in the heart of Bentonville, Hawthorne Heights gives you so many chances to start a new part of your life. And really live.

We partnered with Hawthorne to craft a sophisticated visual identity for their new independent, active living community. The classic H icon works with elegant typography and uplifting messaging, allowing you to experience a taste of Hawthorne living. Located in the heart of Bentonville, Hawthorne Heights is the perfect place for enjoying a comfortable life, and living an exciting adventure.