Prisma Prisma


Web-based Software, Branding

An innovative user interface seamlessly connecting individuals and providers.

A web-based platform for bringing together those in need with those here to serve.

Collaboration is not a buzzword. It’s a need many human services organizations have to ensure they’re providing comprehensive and personal care to the people they serve. The needs are great and the task can often be overwhelming. In addition, the reality for many people is that care doesn’t come from just one source, but from several different places. What if a single platform could connect an individual to the various organizations seeking to serve them?


We built a user-friendly platform that empowers individuals to take ownership of their care community.

We had the exciting challenge of building a platform with a beautiful user experience, while also providing a simple and intuitive way for providers to connect and collaborate around their care for an individual.

With the launch of this new platform, individuals can now sign up and select the services they need. The organizations can then connect and collaborate with one another to ensure that the care they’re receiving is both personal and comprehensive to achieve the goals the individual has for health and wellbeing.