Prisma Prisma

A Bikeable Building

A Prisma Animated Short

For the first time, the video team at Prisma took on an animated project of our own.

We became both the agency and the client, digging into the details and challenging the team to new levels of animation complexity. Written, illustrated, animated, and sound designed by the team at Prisma, with original music from our own Ben Drain.

Marty Shutter joined us in studio to give a comedic voice to our hero.

Marty has been a friend of Prisma for a long time, and we were grateful that he wanted to be a part of the project. There was so much good stuff from an hour session that Dwight had lots of work to comb through for the best moments. The final project was mixed in Dolby Atmos and released in binaural stereo, so do yourself a favor and watch it again with headphones on.

Everyone on the team was involved.

Our beloved Senior Producer, Kyle Stück, took to the bike in studio to give our animators some reference footage to work from. The memes that were made from this day are endless. He also produced the project, but that was really secondary to the bike riding.