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Creative storytelling, designed with motion in mind.

At Prisma, we know motion.


To get motion design right, you need all the pieces to a complicated puzzle. It starts with a great script, communicating your ideas in a creative way that pairs well with visuals. Those visuals are designed by an illustrator with motion in mind from the beginning. An animator takes the pieces and makes them dance, timed to music and a custom voice over. Then sound designers layer in the finishing touches.




Behind every great animation is a great script. Before our designers hit the literal drawing board, we start at the conceptual one. What’s the story? Who is the audience? And what’s the goal? Once a strategy is formed within the resources available (time, budget, style), pen meets paper—and we’re off to the scriptwriting races. After the initial draft is completed, the script goes through a process of revision and refinement to ensure the language and visuals needed are juuust right. With the client’s seal of approval, the script is locked and the real fun begins.




With the bones in place, it’s time to manifest vision into reality. Working off the script, our designers sketch, color, and layer their way through a series of moments and frames pivotal to the overall narrative. We call these “artboards” and we use them to make sure we’re correctly capturing the pacing, composition, and overall look of the project before passing the art off to our animators. This is a critical aspect of the process and helps ensure that the animation looks and feels as the client intended.




Script? Check. Design? Check. Now, it’s time for our animators to bring everything to life through a combination of graphic design elements, filmmaking principles, and animation techniques. To put it simply? Magic. Stagnancy is replaced with motion. Abstraction is reborn as clarity and silence gives way to carefully timed sound. Hey, speaking of sound…





The final piece of the puzzle that ties everything together. Once the animation is locked, the project travels upstairs to our Dolby Home Theatre mix room powered by Pro Tools Ultimate and an Avid s3 control surface. There, our sound engineer finesses the music, sound effects, and custom voice over to make sure every element is as crisp and balanced as can be. With the final mix locked, you’ve got yourself a finished animation, my friend.